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Jotun Seaconomy 700, Marine Antifouling Paint 20L  [Seaconomy 700]

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SeaConomy 700 is your optimal choice if you are looking for a good and flexible antifouling solution fit for tight operational budgets. Derived from Jotun’s long experience with Ion-exchange technology, SeaConomy 700 provides you with a high volume solids economical solution protecting your hull for up to 36 months long sailing intervals.

Product type: Antifouling

Area of use:

  • Underwater hull at dry-docking
  • Substrate: Approved primers and tie coats on aluminum and carbon steel
  • Cost optimised antifouling
  • High volume solids
  • Reliable fouling protection for up to 36 months

Facts about SeaConomy 700
Cost optimised antifouling
With a powerful biocide combination and an efficient delivery system, SeaConomy provides the cost optimal antifouling solution.

High volume solids
The high volume solids of SeaConomy offers a number of benefits; reduced VOC emissions and fewer coats leading to less time in drydock.

Reliable fouling protection for up to 36 months
Unlike the cost optimised antifouling of some competitors, the addition of co-biocides in SeaConomy 700 gives a reliable protection against algae and slime for up to 36 months sailing interval.

Hull protection solution for tight budgets
Used with anticorrosive primer system suitable for purpose with Safeguard Plus or Safeguard Universal ES as sealer coat/tie coat.

Weight (KG): 25.000

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